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Joshua Luke Jones

Updated Pictures as of April 10, 2010

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these are latest pictures of Joshua. He still has a long way to go, just this past week My sister had to take him to the ER his head was swelling, they did an MRI and she is waiting on the results.

He is legally Blind and has to wear Hearing aids

He still can't walk very far., because he is still building bone marrow.

He still has to go to the doctor every week usually 2 r 3 times a week, they have a teacher coming by 2 times a week.

He is so thankful for what everyone has done

he still ask me is he a KING, I told him no one will ever take that away him.

the picture above where he is reading his mom (Nicole has been passed for about 3 years)a letter, he thinks of her all the time, he talks to her all the time.

Please say a prayer that the cancer does not come back. the doctors are worried because his head is swelling. waiting on the results from the MRI


Joshua having more test ran
He is a trooper though

This is Joshua setting on his mom's grave reading
Her a letter he wrote with his Teddy and Sassy his dog

Joshua playing his game
thanks to the Special Friend donor

He is at a doctors appoitment with his bright
Orange hat that he loves he has to stay covered at all times

Joshua at his computor, he loves to play
games and I call him to tell him someone sent him an e-mail I have to read it becasue he can't see,

Joshua at anther Doctors app. He goes to Doc
about 3 times a week

He is at the doc

Here he is with the Orange hat he loves
at another Doctors app

He told me he still gettting iv's he hates

He hair is finally growing and he is putting on
a little weight,

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